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Why Roderick Battles is the Life Coach for You

Roderick Battles

Roderick believes in bringing on total transformation by utilizing his one-of-a-kind program and his personal ability to connect logically and emotionally with you, helping you turn your life around and reach new and exciting heights!

To make a change, it is really important to vibe out your feelings and match your inner behaviors and thoughts with your most sought after intentions and desires for your life, and that is where Roderick comes in.

He will show you how to reframe your experiences and start celebrating every moment, every win, every accomplishment, every single day! If you want to supercharge your life by digging deep into your true-self and become a better version of yourself, Roderick can help you achieve all your personal growth goals. When you work with him, you will feel the good vibrations, the incredible generosity of his work, his heartfelt sincerity and a great passion for turning your dreams into a reality.

It's all about YOU!

Roderick is a great listener, and is able to work with you closely on a personal level rather than asking hundreds of questions and attempting to frame you into a one-size-fits-all box. He will ask questions that get to know you on a deeper level and straight to the point. He then will personalize his methods so that you can achieve groundbreaking life goals and changes as quickly and effectively as possible. He will make you feel at ease so that you can explore yourself, after all, this journey is all about you - your feelings and emotions, finding that hidden voice deep inside your heart and pushing you to unveil your true-self.

Roderick focuses on working with men and can help during all phases including adults, young men and even teenagers in developing healthy strategies to succeed in their education, professional development, personal life, and social life. Roderick has over 18 years of working with the United States Air Force, DODEA Schools, and as a Global Accounts Executive and Leadership Group for men. His love for helping people combined with his extensive experience make him an exceptional choice as a life coach. Transformation and happiness become a reality. You will be able to learn from someone who knows how to make a change! He sincerely considers it his pleasure to work with YOU.

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