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Updated: Jun 29, 2020

During this time of uncertainty and boredom of quarantine and health safety, now is the right time to have discussions with our youth. Parents often try to protect their children from the reality of today's issues, however today's youth are a generation of always being "tuned on" with an overwhelming appetite to be entertained. As a parent of two teens, I often initiate discussions about how they feel about what's going on in the the world, I remind them that life and time are good and special, and not to be wasted. I encourage time with friends and find that a day of fishing at a local lake with my son is a great way of having discussions. As a child, I learned my best lessons and adventures by being bored.

Allowing children to be bored is a good way to let their mind wander and get their creative juices moving! Allowing our youth to enjoy being young and having fun is important, but it can be done while asking key questions about how they feel. Our kids are intelligent, give them an opportunity to grow and learn to be happy in their own space. It is not your job to constantly entertain your child! Be a present parent and watch them Blossom.

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