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Why every teen could benefit from life and accountability coaching?

Are you becoming overwhelmed by your teen’s emotions and out of control behavior? Do you find yourself worried and not knowing what else to do? Is your child struggling and in need of some outside support? Does your child lack the tools to achieve set goals?

Being a teenager is hard. Making the right decisions at such a young age is an inherently difficult and confusing time in this hormone driven phase of their life. Many experts believe that teen life coaching is a remarkable tool to aid their development.

Roderick Battles will help your teen unveil their strengths and unleash their true potential to achieve set goals. His teen mentoring and life coaching program can aid both parents and teens become “unstuck” and moving forward again.


Teen mentoring is not about taking an adolescent boy under your wing to create a smaller version of that person. It’s about building a relationship with them, teaching them how to have quality relationships with others, while guiding them on how to make the right decisions in life for themselves and their own life goals. Many teen boys make poor choices, because they lack the intrinsic confidence and experience for them to feel comfortable being assertive. Roderick Battles is an expert in helping your child identify their talents and gain more surety in themselves. He will break down what they need and create manageable steps for them to follow and grow from. The partnership between life coach and teen will require time and commitment to achieve the result of having a more assertive, self-reliant, communicative and happy teen at home.

What are the key benefits of mentoring and teen life coaching?

Mentoring and Life Coaching fosters good decision making.

Let’s face it. It’s not easy for teenagers to make informed decisions. This is a crucial life-skill and comes from experience, self-assuredness, and being able to consider the consequences of their actions and choices throughout their life. Even our quality of life ultimately stems from the decisions that you make on a day to day basis, so it’s extremely important for teenagers to communicate thoroughly with a mentor to also learn this skill. Roderick Battles will work with your teen in a flexible, positive environment where they can feel comfortable learning the essential tools to make healthy lifelong decisions.

A Teen Life and Accountability Coach motivates teens to set and achieve goals.


Facilitate setting goals that tackle the ‘whole person’ by including spiritual, physical, interpersonal and academic goals. Roderick battles will assist your teen in setting appropriate goals and create doable steps to achieve them. In treating the ‘whole person’ your teen will become more well-rounded, confident and self-reliant in setting and achieving their own goals.


Life Coaching promotes the development of healthy, positive relationships with other people.

Carefully considering the feelings of others may not come naturally to all people, but when one starts being mindful of those around them, they can begin developing positive and beneficial relationships. Roderick Battles will help your child discover who they are as a person and work closely with them to understand what kind of adult they want to become. This knowledge will help to promote healthy, positive relationships with their selves, as well as with others.


Teen Life Coaching builds life skills, social skills and self-respect.


Talking through difficult issues with someone they trust enables them to develop all of these skills which will allow them to have a more positive and healthy outlook on life. Being more aware of the effects that their decisions have, not just on their selves but, on others too, will create a more conscientious and self-reliant young man, who is better prepared to take on the challenges of modern life.

Mentoring allows teens to understand what their strengths are, and then moves on to guide them how to use those strengths responsibly to advance forward in their life.

The journey from a boy to a man can be a difficult road to travel. Many times a boy may have misinformed ideas about what it means to be a man. This can result in a cycle of negative behavior and in a dissatisfaction in the quality of their relationships and life. Mentoring and life coaching is vital to ensure that young men are able to understand their strengths, become more confident and choose the right path to a happy, healthy, and meaningful life.

Working with a mentor, they will gain the understanding of how to make decisions in their life without being disruptive but to pass on this information in a way that is useful will require a time commitment and planning to achieve goals and targets. There’s nothing difficult about mentoring, but it must be approached with care to ensure that you are committed to the process.

If you are thinking about teen mentoring, please don’t hesitate reach out to Roderick Battles. He is dedicated and experienced at helping teens and families live happier lives and is looking forward to your call in order to help you and your teen transform!

Let’s begin the journey together!

What Teen Life Coaching services are available?

  • Create measurable and achievable goals (weekly academic and personal goals)

  • Create and commit to an “accountability plan” that include doable steps to obtain goals

  • Teach and facilitate communication skills to conduct weekly interactions with all teachers that include follow up with parent. Promote self-advocacy and communication.

  • Improve test preparation including study skills to increase grades

  • Commit to a written self-assessment report completed by teen for both personal and academic goals

  • Identify strengths and positive attributes to improve confidence and connection to self

  • Improve overall self-confidence and assertiveness

  • Improve time management and organizational skills

  • Improve frustration tolerance

  • Assign reflective reading

  • Attend school meetings and conferences

  • Personal growth work and weekly exercises/practice

  • Physical activity and individualized workouts for positive physical health and well-being

  • Facilitate and improve leadership and communication with peers and adults

  • Serves as an additional person outside the family unit to hold them accountable to for their goals setting and achievement

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